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We like cocktails.

We like all of them, such as toddies, slings, flips, fizzes, sours, stiffs, cobblers & daisys. We love boozy cocktails. Strong, hearty and chest warming cocktails. We absolutley adore sours & fizzes, tangy, sharp and bubbly drinks. We like suave agave cocktails. Smokey, crisp, grassy or fruity, you name it!

We like everything bitter. Italian and french amaros, orangy, earthy, herbal, spicy, woody and sweet. We love drinking with friends. Old friends, new friends, good friends, your friends and soon-to-be friends.

We like cocktails.

May we have a few with you?


  • BELLE fredagen 20 jan – Martin & Oskar

    Jan 2017
    - 22:00 -
    Martin Blomberg & Oskar Glemme skapar stämning med ambienty-dubby-electrony-worldy-clubby toner på BELLE! Ta din förfest dit den mår som bäst!